How to get in free form mode?

How to setup free form mode adequately? I disconnect beat buddy and turn off midi. Just experimenting, I want to Aeros to function in a live band situation. The documentation seems fuzzy on this.

Hey there, all you have to do is turn quantization off in the song settings before recording to the song. We understand this can be clearer, we will polish this in the Aeros and the manual soon, thanks for the question!

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Thanks Brennan for the quick response. I am afraid I need steps to follow, not sure how to turn quantization off. . . .

  1. Open a new or cleared song, no parts can be recorded to.
  2. To edit a song, tap the pencil icon. If you create a new song, you will be on the song creation screen which is the same as the edit screen.
  3. When in the song settings/song creation screen, scroll down to the setting that says “Quantization”.
  4. Turn this “Off”

This song is now in freeform mode

I would suggest to also use the Sync Tracks setting set to sync start and length in this case, though you may want to play around with it.

Let me know if this makes sense!

Thanks for helping this old dude out! I totally forgot to use the scroll wheel, never connected the dots. Good to go now!

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My pleasure! You can also scroll on-screen with your finger like a smart phone does!