How to get Midi commands back to Aeros from Beatbuddy

Hi Friends, I hope I can explain my question.

My setup/chain:

Beatbuddy>Aeros>Morningstar MC6> various pedals> Beatbuddy.

*The “various pedals” are receiving midi clock

In Beatbuddy settings - for MIDI In - I have Sync disabled.
With this, I am able to send commands from my MC6, but not have a double MIDI tempo loop problem.

However, also in BeatBuddy settings, I have MIDI through DISABLED. When I have enabled it, the Aeros seems to get double Midi tempo loop problem and errors out.

How can I avoid this? I want to have Beatbuddy MIDI through so that I can send commands to Aeros from the MC6.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks

A loop is a loop! If you really want to avoid issues you should consider a new method of connecting your products together. Would you consider rethinking the way you use the MIDI controller so that it is the master clock for the BeatBuddy, your pedals, and the Aeros simultaneously so it could be used in a direct chain?

MC6 > BeatBuddy > Aeros > Various Pedals

You technically wouldn’t even have to set tempo using the MC6 if you set it up this way, the BeatBuddy could still be the MIDI transmitter/master to both the Aeros and your pedals

Just set the Aeros to MIDI Receiver in the MIDI in settings and you should be good to go, the Aeros will pass the clock and any commands from the MC6 through to your pedals. The longer the chain the more delay this will cause in the MIDI. If you start to have issues with timing, you should consider a star formation.

To do this, use an Active MIDI splitter with the MC6 and BeatBuddy in front and everything else after

@BrennanSingularSound - first off I just want to say thank you for your long standing service to the customers of singular sound. I have been on this forum for a while now - you have always responded promptly and professionally to people. Kudos!

Annnnnd - thank you for the suggestion above. I don’t know why I didn’t think of putting the MC6 at the front. Duh! Also I think the active midi splitter will make my life easier in general.

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My pleasure! Happy to help :slight_smile: