How to get my free Drumset

My Beatbuddy Quick start says that I just have to register to get a free drumset. I registered, but can’t figure out how to get the drumset. Any tips?

It’s been so long ago but I think you have to set up an account on the premium website; you would then get an email with a link to the kit. You can contact or

Ok. I didn’t get the link when I registered, but I did email the above addresses yesterday. Thanks.

I think I have/had the same newbie question :slight_smile:
Need to follow up with them I guess

So they sent me a code good for $5 off anything. That’s fine, but the problem is I want a specific drumset (which is what the note in my box said I would get free for registering), and the coupon is no good because the drumset I want is on sale. :frowning:

Ahh yeah that is too bad. I am registered but need to send an email to them to get my code. Which email address did you use to get the code? And you just send them a copy of your registration email you got?
Technically you ARE getting it for free as many of the drum kits are $5.
They obviously arent going to give you the SUPER complex or vast kits that cost $20 normally for free though so you can get the basic kits for free using the $5 off or take $5 the more expensive kits

I heard back from I’d start there…

Also, the coupon isn’t good for anything that’s on sale, and the only drum set I want is normally $10, on sale for $5. However, the discount won’t work because it’s on sale. Frustrating.

Wow that sucks that it wont let you buy it even when on sale! :frowning: