How To Ignore MIDI Bank Select

I use BB with a keyboard. I have three footpedals plugged into the keyboard, two of which trigger the keyboard to send MIDI CC commands to BB for fills and transitions (the third pedal is used for keyboard sustain). However, BB also responds to MIDI bank select and program changes as I select a new sound/patch on the keyboard. This causes the current song in BB to change. I don’t want BB to do that. Is there a way to tell BB to ignore MIDI bank select and program changes, but continue to respond to CC for BB fills and transitions?


Some keyboards have the ability to filter what commands are sent out. Perhaps you keyboards have this capability? Midi Solutions makes Filters and Routers that may be of use. The Router, for example, could be set to route the offending message to nowhere. but you would need to know which midi message you need to keep and which you want filtered.

Thanks, Phil. You’re right, I was able to turn off program change transmit in the keyboard. Problem solved! I appreciate your help!