How to import Wav Files into BB Manager

Hi, I have some wav files that i want to use as songs in my BeatBuddy but I dont know how to import (looks like wav format is not compatible with BB?). Im a newby and need to use that wav rythms (songs). Exist any tutorial or manual for import wavs files into BB Manager? Thanks!!

The BB works off midi files, not wav files. It uses midi to trigger short wav files, i.e. single drum hits. The maximum wave size, I believe, is approximately 2.2mb, but, if someone has better info, please chime in. You could use the wavs with a looper program like Quantiloop.

Thanks! Its possible change the wav format to midi? I really want to use the BB with that audios.

Phil Flood is correct about the BeatBuddy expecting MIDI files however, according to Psalm40 at, it’s 3.7Mb but YMMV

Although it’s not the answer you were looking for, you can add a wav file to a song’s Accent Hit part and some users do that to liven up a song by adding something different e.g., a measure of piano or organ that can be played as needed (like after a verse, chorus or Fill).

Difficult–but not impossible–to change a wav to a MIDI format. I’ve tried to convert a song from a wav to a MIDI (using Melodyne) and just couldn’t do it. It can probably be done for a single instrument, say, just drums or just bass but even that turns into a lot of work. Here’s an example

It would be great if beatbuddy company had the ability to reproduce loops in wav format. They are instruments with real sounds and I know that other pedals already have that function. What dou you recommend? Thank you!

Can i use a software like this?

To convert wav in midis? Then Beatbuddy?

You can try the free demo version to see if it will work for you. I’d be interested in the results. If you’re just going to convert drums, bass, keys and or strings, it would probably work. You might still need a DAW as I don’t know if the WIDI app is up to the task. If it’s more than those instruments, I think that you’re better off just playing the wav file thru your sound system as you would be going thru a lot of trouble.

Thanks again, the wav files are only bongo and guiro, that only 2 percussion instrument. I will try and let you know if it work.

Widi would probably work for that, but the demo version won’t let you get a full track’s work of conversion. Try it out, and let use see the results. If you post the midi that you make from Widi along with the original wav, I’d be happy to take a look at it.