How To - Intro's , Outro's & Transitions

Here’s my take on how to make good Intro’s, Outro’s and Transitions :slight_smile:


This is a great tutorial. And, for everyone out there, these examples are not something that is limited to just worship music. These principles can be applied to any “drums only” BB songs. I see you did one on using the Midi Editor, as well. These are very helpful. I do not use the BB Midi Editor, preferring to use Logic Pro X, but, since the BB Midi Editor is something we all already have, it is great to see someone using it effectively.

At about the 9 minute mark in the video, you start to mention some timing issues and how you deal with them musically. Again, this is very helpful. What I do is have the BB Cue Fill Settings set to “next measure.” That way, I always trigger the fill early, but it does not start until the next measure, and I get the full fill. I assume from what I have seen on your videos that you have that setting on “immediately.” I think you are handling these issues very well.

Wow thanks for the Comment Phil! I will definitely go and change that setting and try it out…maybe it will make things easier :slight_smile: Appreciate the time and detail in your response :slight_smile:

I changed my pedal setting for this and yes its not easier to now worry about the timing but now I have to re-train my brain as before I would always hit the pedal for the fill or transition usually on the 2 beat of 4 in the measure to ensure it would finish or be on time. now that the setting is changed you can hit it anytime and it will start at the next measure but that is totally different :slight_smile: just takes time. Hope this helped you Beat Buddy Worship. let us know how you are doing after this change

Thx…once i get my new beatbuddy i will def try it out and will revert back :slight_smile: Thx for the comment and advise :wink:

Thanks. Nice to have a drummers perspective, and not one who over plays the intros and outros

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Well done video - really helpful - I’ll be watching this again. Appreciate your input my man :slight_smile:

Thx for the feedback Bob :wink: