How To Load A BeatBuilder Groove Onto BeatBuddy

Here’s my question. After I build a groove with the beatbuilder how do I get it onto the beatbuddy? I’m new to all of this and I’m happy to say so far it is going quite well! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not too terribly hard to do using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  1. create and name a new song if you have not done so already (does not apply if you are using an existing song)
  2. select a drum set from the drop down menu
  3. click on the song section where you want to place the MIDI file you created in BeatBuilder; in this case you can place it in the Main Drum Loops (probably preferred initial placement), Intro, Transition Fills, Outro, etc.
  4. navigate to the location of the MIDI file and either double-click it or press open (OK);
  5. save your project and then preview your song; if it doesn’t sound right, make sure you’ve placed the drum instruments according to the BBM MIDI mapping. You can verify that there are no unsupported notes by right-clicking on the section to open the MIDI Editor in the BBM and check that there are no Unsupported Notes. If there are, you can use the MIDI Editor or BeatBuilder to move the notes to where they need to be

BTW, if you haven’t read the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) guide, you might find it helpful: and you should find the answer on the last page of the guide.

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