How to load sd chard in the BB Manager (Mac Book Pro)


I bought a second (second hand) BB.
can I load the SD card of that BB in the BB manager? I don’t see anywhere import sd card project, only export project to SD card.
can you have two different projects in the BB manager, so that one BB has different songs and drum files than the other BB?

Yes, you can. Use File > Open Project (navigate to your SD card); when prompted to save to your computer’s bbworkspace folder, give it a different name.

Yes, as long as each project has a different name.

I have 4 projects in my bbworkspace folder and I can access them using the BBM File > Open Project.

Thanks, but how can i recognize the file that i have to open from the sd card?

Just insert the card in your computer SD slot reader. When you use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project and navigate to your card, select the card—if you have a valid project on your SD card, the BBM will recognize and open it automatically without your having to select any files within the SD card.

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Thanks, Found it!!

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It’s a rather unusual operating system but once you get your head wrapped around it, you will see a way forward. Take your time it will happen.