How to make a second custom?

I make my custom mode and start from the “Empty” preset
I update my custom , but now
How do I start from scratch? I don’t see the Empty custom anymore
And I don’t want to mess my existing custom mode , to erase all the commands
Because I supose if I upload my new one and rename it, he gonna be paste into my existing one?

Hey there, simply go to the My Custom Modes screen and press the plus sign. When it asks, select BLANK from the pop up to create a new mode with nothing in it. You can create as many custom modes as you want, you just need to write one to the MM each time you want to switch it.

You definitely do not need to do anything else like deleting commands on your existing mode. Just make a new one and select between your existing ones!

More info can be found starting on pg 33 of the latest MIDI Maestro Manual, thanks for your question.

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Ok I see, omg !
Thank you

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