How to make the SD card the "default" instead of internal memory

Is it possible to make the SD card the “default” (in the SONGS menu" instead of internal memory?

Hey there,

There is no default setting, as soon as you make a song within a folder on the SD every song afterwards will be created in that folder on SD as long as the SD is connected

Are you having a different experience here?

Let me know thanks

For what it’s worth (good song, BTW):
I insert the SD card into my computer,
I launch BBM, which detects the SD, asks me if I wish to create a backup.
I always select “no.”
I make sure to save the project TO the SD card.

Whenever I have selected “yes,” BBM uses my last backup as the Project folder. I don’t believe it syncs changes to the SD, but I could be mistaken.
If I want to back up my SD card, I do so manually, independent of BBM.
Should I have to do it this way, or will BBM sync changes back on to the SD card?

Thank you @BrennanSingularSound for your reply. I was looking to have the SD card be the default when I first boot up the Aeros instead of the internal memory.