How to play through entire song

recently purchased some songs and would like to be able to play thorugh the entire 10 part song without having to figure out where the parts come in. is this even posssible? im a guitarist, not a drummer and would like to jam out some songs without having to figure out where each drum part comes in, took me long enough to figure out the guitar parts. lol love the pedal, i have it hooked up to a simmons powered drum speaker and it rocks!

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Welcome to the Forum! Unfortunately, doing what you want with the premium songs is not the easiest thing to do. What you would need to do is export the midi parts from the song, using Beat Buddy Manager, then bring the parts into a DAW and match up the sections with the original recording. IDK if someone has put together any kind of guide for the Singular Premium songs to tell you how to progress through a song, but that would be a big help, even with putting them together in DAW.

There are many songs in the Resources section of the Forum, which unfortunately, at this moment, cannot be accessed due to some glitch that was introduced when Singular recently did some maintenance on the website. When that is fixed, you will want to search the Resources section of the website for songs labeled One Press, or OPB (one press with bass), or several variants thereof, OPBk, OPBks, etc. Those are One Press with Bass songs that also have something else, keyboards, horns, etc. The drum kits to make those songs work are also in the Resources section, and the songs’ descriptions normally state which drumkit is needed for a particular song. If you run into problems, just ask a question on the Forum. One of us will try to help you out.

Yeah I kinda got that feeling it may be difficult after browsing the forum for a couple hours last night. Also figured out the opb downloads too. Thought there was something wrong on my end when I couldn’t download them. Thanks phil!, I’m sure beatbuddy will have more updates and the premium content will include opb parts in the future. As for now, guess I’m gonna work on my timing chops! Thanks again, Dutch.

I’ve used the Forum tracks that users have been nice enough to upload and share and they have, for the most part, been intro and then a lengthy track that plays the whole song (usually following the original recording) and then an ending to pop into if you need to bag out of the song.
The premium song beats don’t seem to work that way, unless I missed a automatically-play-through function.
Just where/when to hold down the pedal while playing a track is stressful. I’ve been practicing and trying to nail it but it takes a monstrous amount of concentration and timing. Added to that, pressing the pedal down too early is too easy to do. Some of the tracks are two measures… some are one… some are four… so the question is “when?” So, it’s real easy to screw up an arrangement if I hit the pedal too early or too late. I’m trying to perform… I need to concentrate on that.
Like the suggestion here, the only thing I can think of doing is porting the Midi files out to my DAW and creating a MIDI track arrangement of the song that will play with one press. Intro, song… END. Import the song back into BB Manager.
I love Goram’s beat so I buy all of the packs and kits, but I do wish there were some instructions that map out when and how to use each premium song.
Goram; if you’re reading this; lead us in a little tutorial please. :slight_smile:
In the meantime; It’s the DAW process for me.

I have finally figured out that it is not always when you press down on the pedal but when you let the pedal go back up.
I have found that you can hold it down a little early and let it up just before the change you want to happen.
You can edit this also…

That’s helpful. I’ll have to give that a try. It should help.
It still leaves me baffled by the “when” to bring in the next section.
Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m the kind of player/singer that has little attention span left to concentrate on when to trigger another part beyond switching from verse to chorus or throwing in a fill.
Having to figure out when to tap one of a dozen strings is mind numbing. I have yet to trigger one of these premium songs straight through at the correct moment. It’s hit or miss for me.
With full songs, I’m better playing with one push and Let-her-go like the songs that are posted by users in the forum.
I wish there was a way to preprogram how many times a pattern plays and automatically trip it to go to the correct pattern when it should. (Like the old midi sequencers; Create songs out of sequences.)
I have yet to see anyone demonstrate the use of a full premium drum pack while playing on YouTube. That would be interesting. I hope Goram offers something like that as a demonstration one day. It would be helpful.
Good conversation, guys.

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There is a cover of pink floyds comfortably numb on youtube by a band and they seem to have the timing of all parts pretty much nailed using beat buddy

I always thought it would be helpfull to have a list of the words to the song and have the
proper footswitch actions noted on the music.

It would sure be easier for the user anyway.

Also please do not use any abbreviations. All that OP, (One Push I think) and stuff like that is confusing.




I am also wanting to find a guide for when yo punch in the next fill. I am an amateur guitarist/singer and do some small solo gigs and open mic. Its hard enough to play and sing without all the parts of BB. I just got the Premium pack. I have used the original BB many times but want tro up my game. Any help is very much appreciated.

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I regularly use contributed Ultimate Guitar chord charts on my tablet for live jamming and open mic accompaniment. Contributing an updated tab that indicates the Beatbuddy song and transition points would be exactly what I need. I’m going to start doing that as I have time to work them out, and it would be fantastic if others would consider contributing versions as well.