How to quickly listen to a beat/song from the list without selecting it

Hi all
When looking for a suitable beat I find it very time consuming having to fully select it, and then start it, before I can listen to it, then having to stop it and having to go back to the list all over again. Is there really no way I can quickly scroll through the list of beats/songs with BB automatically starting to play part 1 of each of them?
An Autoplay setting to turn this on/off would be really useful.

I don’t think so. And I am sure all of us regular users of the BB have been there. I like to think, with many hours of usage and practice, you will eventually get to the point where you might know the beat you need ahead of time.

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There is no method using just the pedal. Previewing parts in BB Manager is probably the fastest way. If you had all of your content set up within a Songbook program, like OnSong, you could select the songs by title and try them, but, then you’d be scrolling through a list on an ipad and still hitting start for each one.