How to re-synchronize beat one (leading beat in a measure) while playing?

Several songs I’m working on have temporary time signature change for a single measure. For example, the song is 4/4 but it switches to 2/4 for single measure in the middle of the song, then immediately switches back to 4/4. This messes up the sync between BB and the song, as everything BB does (fill, transition, outro) happens at beat 3 after this 2/4 measure.

Is there any way to re-sync beat1 location while playing, either via footswitch or via MIDI? Then I can hit the switch (or send MIDI command) at beat 1 of the following 4/4 and everything will be in sync again.

Hello, there is no way to restart or change the current beat without stopping and restarting

Beatbuddy does have half-time and double time commands via midi.
Having 1 bar of double time and then back to normal might simulate a 2/4 measure.

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