How to record a loop (Infinity Looper) in two Beatbuddy different song parts while both loops are different from each other


Hi guys, I recently bought the Infinity Looper by Pigtronix (already updated the latest firmware of the Infinity Application) and already have the Beatbuddy for about 6 months.

I would like to know if the following can be done: have a specific loop playing (let´s say Infinitys Loop #1) along with Beatbuddy´s song part 1/2 (specific song) and another loop playing (let´s say Infinitys Loop #2) along with Beatbuddy`s song part 2/2. (same song…I guess that is more feasible)

This would be great for things like play some lead on two different song parts, each one with a different beat.

I guess that “series mode” should be turned on to do this, instead of parallel.

I hope this can be done, because I think the alternative would need some “tap dancing” and I am trying to avoid that (I think we all are). This would be doing the following (I guess): record a loop on loop #1 during Beatbuddy´s song part 1/2, and then transition to next part on Beatbuddy so it would play part 2/2, then record a second loop on loop #2. Then, If I want to return to loop #1 with Beatbuddy part 1/2, I would have to make a transition to go from part 2/2 to 1/2, and rapidly tap loop #1 so both Beatbuddy and Infinity Looper would start loop #1 synced. I don´t even know if this would work, but with my little experience using the looper, I think it would.

Vicente, from Santiago de Chile