How to record a loop (Infinity Looper) in two Beatbuddy different song parts while both loops are different from each other

Hi guys, I recently bought the Infinity Looper by Pigtronix (already updated the latest firmware of the Infinity Application) and already have the Beatbuddy for about 6 months.

I would like to know if the following can be done: have a specific loop playing (let´s say Infinitys Loop #1) along with Beatbuddy´s song part 1/2 (specific song) and another loop playing (let´s say Infinitys Loop #2) along with Beatbuddy`s song part 2/2. (same song…I guess that is more feasible)

This would be great for things like play some lead on two different song parts, each one with a different beat.

I guess that “series mode” should be turned on to do this, instead of parallel.

I hope this can be done, because I think the alternative would need some “tap dancing” and I am trying to avoid that (I think we all are). This would be doing the following (I guess): record a loop on loop #1 during Beatbuddy´s song part 1/2, and then transition to next part on Beatbuddy so it would play part 2/2, then record a second loop on loop #2. Then, If I want to return to loop #1 with Beatbuddy part 1/2, I would have to make a transition to go from part 2/2 to 1/2, and rapidly tap loop #1 so both Beatbuddy and Infinity Looper would start loop #1 synced. I don´t even know if this would work, but with my little experience using the looper, I think it would.

Vicente, from Santiago de Chile

Hi vicente!

Interesting question. I have no the Infinity looper (too expensive) but I would like to have a looper <-> BB solution in the future. My purpose is the same than yours.

I dont know how the other users use a bb<->looper in a multipart song context, But I think that the correct solution is your porposal. It would be cool to have synced each BB part with a Looper part. In this way, pushing one button both systems could change between ryhtms and loops parts.

In this contexte, BB have an CC 102 Midi OUT command that is launched when a new part is starting… I dont know if Infinity can Get this CC input and change Loop channel automatically. In any case, the “tap dancing” is there.

In my Case, I am developing a control system with a software looper system… so My idea is similar, I want to have a “Song Configurator System” with different songs information (parts of song, Bpm of each part, etc…). The idea is to send CC MIDI messages to the diferent components (BB & looper), telling them the part/loop that must play synced.

I am dont know exactly how must be the human interface, but I think that if I have specified the number of parts and the characteristic of each part, it would be enought with 3 buttons:

  • next part (Change the BB part, Looper channel, tempo, etc…)
  • action (record looper channel?)
  • stop (stop BB and Looper)
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Sounds good! Let us know whenever news are coming. Cheers.

I have just made My first Beta.

I have a raspberry Pi with a songbook software manager (songbook - song - partsong) that can control each part song. The soft has a midi and osc outputs, so i can manage different systems with the raps.

The idea is to load songbooks, select a song (launching midi messages to BB) and then start. When I start the controller the BB song and the looper are started.

If I click “next part button” BB change the part and the looper change the looper channel…

I cant test the usability because I have send My BB to the singular sound technical support offices, so we must wait a few in order to see if sucks or rocks :smiley:

Great man! Hope your BB will be back at home soon!

One question, what you did about changing a song part on BB that changes the looper channel…there is a Miidi feature on BB that is the command “Next Part” (CC102). I assumed that if that command is enabled (what I did), then when Infinity Looper is slave to BB, when changing BB song part that will change Infinity loop channel. But it does not. If this is not what the CC102 Next Part midi feature does, then what it is for?



Hi vicente.

In my case, the Beatbuddy and the Looper are slaves. My raspberry controller is the midi master.

If I want to change a BB part I must send 2 commands to the BB:

BB MIDI INPUT -> CC 113 127 (Start transition and goes to next part)
BB MIDI INPUT -> CC 113 0 (end transition as soon as posible and starts next part in the next “musical bar”).

The problem is that this instruction say: “ok, start BB transition”, but it is not the time when the next parts is starting.

In order to Know when the next part is starting (reading the documentation), is the command that you have said:


If it is not working… have you check another BB OUTPUT midi messages? I am reading the MIDI BB docs. There are a OUTPUT BB channel specification. Are you using the same Channel in BB and infinity (i am not sure it this is necessary)

Hi Vicente,

Did you ever get that to work i.e. trigger an infinity loop channel change when you hit the transition button on the beatbuddy?

Im trying to get that to work too



Hi Masten, I could not achieve that. Now I have moved to Aeros Looper and works great.