How to record Drums from BeatBuddy to the Aeros #aeros-loop-studio

Using Aeros in two part loop mode.

Guitar into Aeros and then out to one channel in pa mixer.
The BB is connected to the Aeros with the midi breakout cable.
And the BB 1/4 out goes mono into another channel in the pa mixer.

So, when I start a song with BB the Aeros starts up and I can hear the BB and my Guitar. But when I want to replay part one and overdub on the Aeros there are no drums (BB) recorded. I can hear the recorded guitar.

I want to hear the drums and guitar to play a bit of lead on top. What do I do for this?

add: I figured it out! I know it’s easy but I did it. You have to route the BB through the Aeros too. The midi doesn’t carry the signal.

Imma be a One Man Band.

What sort of mixer do you have?

On the on hand, you want Guit. and Dr. on seperate channels into the mixer to be able to adapt loudness; on the other hand, you want both Guit. and Dr. into Aeros for looping.

So, I’d suggest:
a) guitar > mixer, CH-x (set volume with gain, fader on -oo);
b) BB > mixer, CH-y (set volume with gain, fader on -oo);
c) both via Aux-out (pre-fader) to Aeros,
d) Aeros into mixer on CH-z.

Would that do what you want?

The other solution would be easier, but less comfortable:
Guitar > BB > Aeros > mixer. Set volume of the BB via the volume knob on the BB in relation to the guitar volume, set overall volume on the mixer.

Output BB to Aux In Aeros
Actived Main and /or Aux output on Aeros

Hello there,

is there any reason you need to record the drums into the looper? We do not recommend this set up, it is recommended that you route the BB and Aeros into Mixer/PA/amps separately. The Beatbuddy in a sense already loops itself, you can get the same or similar behavior without writing the beats into the Aeros. This way you also can control the levels independently from each other.

If you need to record the drums into the Aeros, I would suggest just connecting the BB Output or headphone output into either of the Aeros inputs and also connecting the BB to the Aeros via MIDI so that the recording you make from the BB is in time with the Aeros.

Does this answer your question?