How to save project to SD card?

I have created a song on BB Manager, but I can’t get it to the Beatbuddy pedal itself. I tried exporting it, I need a manual for dummies. I really want to use this to make beats for original music. Even using the pre existing beats is fine.

I tweaked this from the forum a while back. Perhaps it can help you:

Step 0. (Preliminary) Get the project to your BBManager from shipped SD card content. Export - Import > Import Project from pedal, select the device where your SD card is located (usually titled NO_NAME).
Step 1. Change Project: Edit songs, import songs (BBS files), add new songs (MIDI files).
Step 2. Export project back to pedal. Export - Import > Export Project to Pedal.
Step 3. Synchronize to SD card when prompted.
You perform step 0 only once to get started. Then just repeat step 1 until you get your song list ready. Perform step 3 every time you want to have your changes get to the pedal."

I have the same question. I’m using Version 1.65. It seems like the Menus have changed.

  1. File -> Export -> Project To SD
    It’s now Asking for a Folder

Thanks in advance for any clarification for the updated procedures.

Click Cancel.
Quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and then relaunch (open it).
From BBM File > Export > Project to SD card
Navigate to and hi-lite your SD card
Click Open; if you have a project on the card, it should prompt you to overwrite; select Yes
Once complete, you’ll get prompted to synchronize in the future to this card; accept