How to send tempo to reverb delay etc pedals?


I have been thinking to send tempo from Beatbuddy to strymon bigsky, timeline and eventide pitchfactor. Is it possible? Use a MIDI Solution?

If this is possible then I don’t need to tap tempo anymore. The tempo will follow the drum.


In order to make BeatBuddy send tempo to other MIDI-enabled devices, you don’t need any other special equipment (aside from MIDI split cable, that is being sold separately). I am pretty sure, that in this given case You won’t need any of that MIDI Solutions.

All you will need to have - is a simple MIDI cable, with which you connect BeatBuddy “MIDI Out” with “MIDI In” of your other device (as strymon bigsky, timeline and eventide pitchfactor).

Only if they don’t have MIDI In port, You are out of luck.

I will connect the Beatbuddy with Boomerang looper first.

The MIDI chain will be like this: beatbuddy MIDI out to Boomerang sidercar MIDI in, Boomerang sidercar MIDI out to Boomerang looper MIDI in, what should I do next?
Boomerang looper MIDI out to pitchfactor MIDI in ; pitchfactor MIDI out to timeline MIDI in; timeline MIDI out to bigsky MIDI in?

Is that correct?

What if I don’t use looper for certain songs, will Boomrang still pass MIDI tempo to other pedals?


I forgot to mention that I also use disaster DMC - 8D to MIDI control bigsky reverb, timeline delay , pitchfactor and line 6 pod XT and torpedo CAB.

I use MIDI in and out for those devices controlled by DMC - 8D. How can I send tempo to those devices then?


If you want to connect MIDI Out to multiple devices’ MIDI In - you will most likely need an Y-type MIDI cable like the one here - … able/49990

If You want to do the reverse - connect multiple devices’ MIDI In to the single device MIDI Out, this generally won’t work. Probably the best answer for this situation is MIDI Solutions Merger - … ger-g7989/

The MIDI chain you posted looks ok. The one thing that you should always be aware - the more total MIDI cable length is the more likely some delays in MIDI synchronization will appear. To put any real numbers here, I use 3 meter MIDI cable to connect BeatBuddy to my Boomerang III, and there are no problems.

I would connect MIDI like that BeatBuddy > Boomerang III > Rang Side Car > all your other devices one by one. (“more” sign here means connect MIDI Out of previous device to MIDI In of the next one).

According to specs, Boomerang III will definitely pass tempo through (unless its powered off, of course).

So what exactly is your problem once again? Not all of your devices support MIDI daisy chaining, like not having both MIDI In and Out ports? If that’s the case, I think Y-type MIDI split cable is your solution.

In this MIDI chain, we are using BeatBuddy as MIDI Master device. Master device is the one, that generally controls the tempo. It is not a good idea to use two MIDI Master devices at once. So if you are used to using DMC-8D as the one that controls the tempo, you can try connect it as the first device in the MIDI chain (connecting DMC-8D MIDI Out to BeatBuddy MIDI In), effectively making BeatBuddy a Slave device.

Thanks for that.

I just called Matt from Disaster Area and had good chat with him. He ordered one as well. Once he gets the beatbuddy, he will work on it.

You guys may work together, including the looper manufactures, like Boomerang, we will have a lot of fun!!

So let’s just wait until we get the beatbuddy!