How to set remote foot switch to control BeatBuddy (BB) main

Hi Mzladd, I am sorry to hijack this thread, but I have no idea after looking… how to post on the site. Anyways, you mentioned with the new firmware we can now use a foot switch to operate the pedal while the pedal sits on a stand. I have not heard this. I have the 2 button switch that comes as an accessory, but is there another pedal or switch that will allow for on/off, fills, transitions…essentially all the functions of the main BeatBuddy pedal? If so can you recommend which pedal/switch will do this? I have the updated firmware. Also…is there a place that describes how to post on this site? Thanks a lot!

You will have to assign one of the buttons of the 2 button switch as the main swith in the menu. You get to the menu by pushing the tempo button and the drumset button at the same time.

Is it possible to use a switch with more buttons so as to not lose any functions…just wondering? I use the small 2 button switch normally for cymbal accents and pauses with a cymbal to end a song. I will try setting it but also to be able to get the transitions function, plus fills plus pauses and accents, seems to much for a 2 button switch. It would be nice if a 3 or 4 button switch would work, but we will see. If you have any more thoughts please pass them on. Thank you.

A device with more buttons will only function if it is has midi. The two button switch works because it is attached with a stereo cable, so a connection wire for each switch. More switches would mean more wires and the BB is not capable of that through this footswitch port. You would need a midi maestro or an other midi footswitch controller to have more functions and switches. There are several that will work.
But you’ll need to assign the switches by midi.

Thankyou for the explanation, that makes perfect sense.