How to set up BB workspace

Oh, I wish I had a clue. I’m having a blast w BeatBuddy, but so much I don’t know.

I downloaded this .sng, and put it in this folder:

Then I import it into BeatBuddy Manager, and all the drum loops are empty.

What is it that I don’t get, can ya point me in the right direction?

Your life might be easier if you give the BBMO a try but if you’d like to continue using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), that’s fine too.

To use the BBM, do this:
Download the song again but to your desktop
Launch the BBM - File - Import - Song (select the song on your desktop and press Open)
Make sure you have the Jazz drum set active—there should not be an asterisk in front of the name of the Default Drum Set:
Once imported to your BBM, it should look something like this screen shot

OMFG, feel like dumbass. I’ve struggled with this before, maybe because I didn’t have my BBWorkspace in Documents (old habits from PC DOS days, data in C:/data/2024/Foldername/blahblah.doc, or other drive these days, I like to not fill my boot drive.)

So I migrated BBWorkspace to Documents like a good boy, like the documentation says.

Back to the Radiohead since song, there were no drum fills, no transition fills, etc, I was fooled into thinking it was “empty”, like before.

If only I had just hit play on the beat before posting, I would have heard it. You helped, so TY! Can’t wait to import more.

This is a serious question:
Since you seem to know a lot about BeatBuddy Manager, how much would you charge per hour for one or a few coaching sessions, like over Zoom or something?

If not you, anybody else out there?

I will send you a DM a little later today.

UPDATE: user resolved by migrating to the BBMO.