How to set up files in manager


I just got the beat buddy, trying to start a project in the manager. How do I do it? I have an iMac, Yosemite etc. The BBManager icon is in the toolbar at bottom. I downloaded accent loops, MIDI loops, and also see user_lib and default_lib folders in BB workspace folder. I’d like to learn how to use the manager but the instrux say put SD card in your computer, but there’s no way to just dump the SD card in the iMac. I do have beat buddy connected via USB, which I’d think is how you do it. Anyway, there’s no loops or sounds in BBManager for me to make a project with. How do I load up the manager with the files?

Sorry for basic question, but everything I’m reading is just confusing me more.


You can’t connect the BeatBuddy directly to your computer via USB if you are using a Mac, you will need to use a card reader.

I suggest starting by watching the tutorials in my signature and reading the tutorial thread which is also part of the help section within the manager software.

Thanks for the reply. I looked at some of the tutorials but didn’t see anything about needing the card reader for my Mac. I will pick one up and get to work. Once I have access to the sound files I think I’ll be good to go

Thanks again