How to shorten bass notes?


Im working on “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, and I want to put some short bass notes on the BB, but I dont know how. They just keep sounding until the next note is played. I thought that maybe putting another bass note in front with velocity on 1 will work, but its not.

I have read some other threads in the forum, but the files have been removed.

Does anyone knows how to do it? Thanks.

It sounds like you’ve run into the “stuck” bass notes issue. This refers to how the bass notes don’t properly handle MIDI note off.

Not knowing which kit you’re using, so I’m going to suggest 2 things to try:
[]Use the latest versions of the s/w & f/w
]Use a kit with NP in the name. This indicates that the bass notes in the kit have been modified in the kit to a non-percussion setting

Thanks persist for your reply. I am using the “Rock with Bass” drumset (I think it is from Guitar Stu). Is there any solution using this drumset?

And there som things that I dont know what you mean on your post:
[] “s/w & f/w”. What is that? Maybe it is something common, but I really have never heard or seen that.
]Also I would like to know what is an “NP” drum kit. I have seen that in the forum, but I dont know what it is.


Hi, Vicente. s/w = software and f/w = firmware.

NP stands for non percussion and means that a user-created drum set that includes bass guitar (as well as possibly other instruments) has had the bass note changed to non percussion settings using the BeatBuddy Manager Drum Set Maker. The bass notes will play and sound to the proper duration.

The only way I can think to make this work for your situation is to change the bass note settings to non percussion in the Rock with Bass kit. There may be another way to make this work but I’m not sure what that would be. Perhaps Guitar Stu can tell us how he does it. Phil Flood might also know. If you’d like, I can modify the kit and you can try it. Another option is to download, import and activate an NP kit. I would suggest trying the NP StdPBass 63-91. You can find the NP kits by searching Resources/Drum Kits.

Thanks persist! I wil try modifying the kit to a “NP” kit. (Finally got to know what NP means XP )

And man, thank you so much for offering you to modify it. Thats very kind. I will give it a try first.

Rock on.

Don’t forget to follow the steps that Phil Flood outlined in to modify an existing kit. Here’s just a couple of screen shots to help you or others that might be contemplating the same thing:

click on Rock with Bass

add NP to name

start with first bass note

change instrument type to Non-percussion; do the same for the remaining bass notes; do not change the other settings

All right, thanks again persist. I will have that in mind when doing it. Cheers man.

You had the right Idea. To shorten the bass notes I put another note with a velocity of 1 where I want the previous note to stop but not on the same note. eg. if the note played is A, I will put the stop note on like Bb. I can’t remember the specifics but putting it on the same note will not cut the previous note off. I have just always done it this way and have not used or tried the new kits or features that use the note off.

The “note offs” should work with up to date firmware and software. The other thing that works is creating a choke group. A Choke group iks a set of midi notes that are limited to allow only a certain number to play at one time. The number playing at one time is called “polyphony”. With a bass, you generally only want one note at time. Of course, there are exceptions to that. When you set up a collection of bass notes, give the set of notes a Choke Group number that is not being used. In the example above at post 6, the Choke Group was #2. The polyphony was set to 1. That means that among the notes in Group 2, only 1 can play at a time. This, by itself, would not cause a note to cut itself off, if it were the last note of a song, or the last note before a long rest, etc. Therefore, if you run into issues, the process used by Guitar Stu would solve the problem, as that velocity 1 note would stop the playing of the prior louder note.

And, just so as not to confuse the issue, the bass notes should be set as non-percussion in order to get the benefits of the note off. Drum notes are left as “percussion” since drums normally ring out to their full sound’s length. You can still use choke groups on groups of drum kit pieces, like all the hit hat sounds in one choke group, so that only 1 hi-hat sound can play at a time. Likewise with various snare sounds.

I wish I seen this post a while ago. I’ve been putting velocity value 1 notes after all my bass/guitar/organ/piano notes to keep them to a set length. I will now go back and change the kits and redo all my songs. Thanks for this tip.

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Excellent advice all - stuff there I wasn’t aware of!

Can I Use It on Amapiano Tracks?

Idk what you mean by “it.” BB plays back midi tracks to trigger wav files. Since Amapiano does not appear to midi or wav, I would say the answer is no.