How to shorten intro duration?

First off, cheers to all.
So I’m doing a mix and match to intros for a particular song. I liked a certain intro and put it into the song in BB Manager. But that intro is too long for me, I want to shorten the duration, ( e.g. from 8 bars to 2 bars…etc ). How can I do that? I take it that it is not possible to do it in BB Manager? Thanks.

It is currently possible only via the use of external MIDI editor programs :frowning:
You need to export MIDI from intro, open and edit it in somewhere else (I use Guitar Pro 5.2 for that), and then re-import the result as the new intro for your song.

I know this is inconvenient, and this is being worked on currently.

OK, thanks for the quick reply. I guess I just need to find me a good free midi editor for now. I look forward to the Beat Buddy’s own MIDI editor though. I understand the BB staff have their hands full. I can wait.

Perhaps this could help you:

Or this to get familiar with a real MIDI editor software:

Hello Daefecator,
GP5 is no longer available, I checked directly with Arobas Music. But if you know a way to get it I’m interested :slight_smile:

Daefecator, you are french?

I tried Aria Maestosa ( Open Source ) and it seems to suit my needs for now. I also tried Anvil Studio but the UI isn’t as polished compared to Aria Maestosa’s IMHO. Anyhow, I’ll keep playing with both apps. Thanks for the reply guys.

Hi there! I know it is no longer available. But there are places on the internet where you can still get one. I picked mine here - (the link is to the translated the page for you).

No, but you’re getting close :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll look at it :slight_smile: