How to start the songs of Phil correctly?

Hi guys!

If I select a song by Phil and press Start, nothing happens.
Only when I double click and the outro runs, then the song seems to run.

Is this the normal procedure?
Could it be that I have to make other settings?

With other beats I have no problem with that, everything runs as usual. Only Phil’s songs are like that.

Thanks and greetings from Germany

A double-tap is normal for songs that are in the Outro section.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Then everything’s okay. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong.

But then you have to feel the start of the song, or are there tricks?

A giveaway for Phil songs is that the song title is usually in all-caps.

If you use a looper that depends on a single-tap to start the BB and looper in sync (or, you just want to start any song with a single-tap), you can move the song from the Outro to the Intro and then copy the NULL from the Main Drum Loop to the Outro (for some, this part may be optional). Make sure you save the project as soon as you make the changes.

You might have to adjust the pedal setting to triple-tap for stop. For me it’s simpler to just move the song from the Outro to the Intro :smiley: as well as to copy a NULL file to the Outro

Oh, that’s a good tip. Thank you.

So when you drag the Phil song to the Intro fill. There is no stop to the end of the song.

Ok, thanks for the note.


If you copy the NULL from the Main Drum Loop, you will have a stop when you double-tap.

hmmmm. I added the “Null” at the end spot. The song does not stop on it’s own. Maybe it’s just the software?

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If the Null is at the end, you need to do something to get the Beat Buddy to move to it, and then end. Here is what happens:

Intro - song, main loop - null, outro - null: Song starts with one press and plays through. When the song reaches its end, i.e. the end of the intro loop, it goes to the main loop where it will loop endlessly playing nothing. If you double tap to get to the outro loop, the song will end.

Intro - null, main loop - full song, outro null: Song starts with one press, plays the empty intro, and then progresses to the full song in the main loop. It will repeat the main loop over and over, so you have to be on top of it when the song ends and double tap to get to the outro, which is also empty, and will end the song.

Intro - null, main loop - null, outro - full song: One tap starts song, and advances to the main loop null, which loops over and over, playing nothing. When you double tap, the song “starts” playing the outro, The song plays fully through and then ends.

Personally, I like the first version, but you do need to double tap to end the song. Others like the third version, but the start which does not start the actual song part does not work well with loopers. Still others find option 2 acceptable, but the song then needs editing to add dead space to the end of the full song in the main loop to prevent unwanted sound when the song restarts.

So, yes, in many ways, it is just the software.

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Really good description Phil. Now I test everything and then I know what works best for me.