How to stop BB from triggering Aeros in session?

Is there a cc command, or button sequence? I have the Beat buddy as midi master into Aeros. At first power up, I can play metronome on BB and it won’t activate Aeros. But once I play or record a part with the Aeros, I can no longer start BB without the Aeros starting to play my last loop for the rest of the night.
So I’m playing a loop on Rock 120bpm. Then I change bb to metronome at 80bpm, press play on BB, and it activates the previous Aeros loop that was at 120bpm.
Shouldn’t simply pressing home button on Aeros do this?

There have been multiple requests to add some “park” feature that would handle this.

I agree that the home page is a good idea. There’s no expectation that any MIDI should work if you’re not in the loop studio. Other ideas are possible.

Seems like a small task to build. A day or two max (but easy for me to say).

Wow, ok
I just assumed it was an obvious oversight on my part. I can’t believe this is a thing that I have to workaround.

Unplug the MIDI cable.

Let’s hope that’s not the final solution.