How to stop One Press loop repeating?

I have produced a song and was very happy with it until I played it on the BeatBuddy pedal.

It sounded great, but at the end of the song - it started all over again. It’s one long song, no start, fills etc.

How do you prevent this happening ?

Instead of placing it in the Main Drums Loop section of the song, place it in either the Intro (requires single-tap to start playing) or the Outro (requires double-tap to start).

You will have to place a NULL, NIL or Empty MIDI file in the Main Drums Loop so that the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) recognizes a complete song.

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Or, if you feel the need to keep the song in the main loop section, edit significant blank space into the end of the song, 20 measures or so, followed by a velocity 1 note that goes to the end of the next measure. This will give you time to end the song, with a conventional double or triple tap, without having the main loop repeat.

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I’m really new to the BeatBuddy and still discovering it’s capabilities and limitations.

In the case of the track I did, I think the best thing I can do is

  1. Included a four beat intro
  2. Main track
  3. A boom-tish crash in the outro ( or similar )

I’ll have a go and repost All Day and All Of The Night ( Kinks ) sng to the Forum later.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: