How to stop one-press songs midsong?

When I touble tap, the songs seem to restart as opposed to stopping. Help please.

If it’s restarting, is it possible the pedal thinks you are triple tapping (two to stop, one to restart)?

I had this same “issue” when first loading songs that others here shared. I found a cure. When tapping the 2nd time, hold the pedal down when applying the 2nd tap. Usually have to hold the main BB pedal down with your foot for 3 to 4 seconds or so. Eventually the BB will show only the Beats Per Minute (“140 BPM” if you will) on it’s screen. This will make the song stop. At least it does for me!


Thank you so much for the tip. It works! That said, it’s a workaround and in future hopefully they’ll work out something that can stop it properly. :slight_smile:

Nice one. That sounds like “tap tempo” mode, which can be turned off in the settings. So this might not be a solution for those who have turned it off on their bb.

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I have the optional footswitch and set my right button for stop. That works perfect and it starts again on the 1 beat. Much easier than doing some kind of dance with a double tap (which sometimes does not even work to stop the song, if I am really excited) So I started using the settings on the footswitch. If I forget to take of the intro, I can always hit the stop button in the same way and start from the 1 beat on the main part of the song.

Haha… yeh that’s certainly better than the dance that I do to get it into BPM mode. Still, it would be better if they programmed it to stop with the double tap. Thanks for the tip @Jim_Anderson