How to sync Cubase metronome with Beat Buddy ?

Is there a way of the metronome on my DAW (Cubase) to synchronize with the Beat Buddy?

Yes - either send midi clock sync out from Cubase to BeatBuddy midi clock sync in (BeatBuddy is ‘slave’) or BeatBuddy midi clock sync out to Cubase midi clock sync in (BeatBuddy is ‘master’) and set appropriate settings at each end of chain (check your manuals). You must obviously have the BB Midi sync lead/cable and some kind of midi connector box/cable for your Cubase.

Ok, thanks.
I’ll give it a try as soon as I buy that USB to MIDI converter.

Please! What means “set appropriate settings at each end of chain?” Can you tell me step by step how can I do? I have some problems to set the appropriate settings.Beatbuddy and Cubase don’t run with the same BPM.
I can’t let go Cubase and Beatbuddy to the same BPM
When Cubase is on 120 BPM Beatbuddy run at 129/130 BPM I do not know why.Wich is my mistake?
I use Cubase as master and Beatbuddy as slave
Thanks so much