How to sync midi to opz?

would you use a roland um one mk2 for this and usb c adaptor?

Hey sorry, it is saying a lot of abbreviations here, could you be a little more specific maybe I could help you out here. In the end, maybe another user will have more advice for you, but I honestly can’t tell haha.


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Mostly I need clarification on what opz is

Are you referring to this and if so, it might be easier to go back to the makers of the OP-Z module.

opz is a 8inch sequencer from teenage engineering and has native midi on the usb c link and with a oplab module it has more connectivity the roland um one mk2 is a cable that has midi 5 din on one end and a usb a on the other end

no oplab is a module that goes into the opz to create more connectivity but it has midi out on the usb c connection natively