How to synchronize a project?

Hi folks, I’m new…like 1 day new. I was able to get the BBManager software on my Mac just fine and create the initial project, etc. All is well there. I had a free download so I got the World Percussion Fusion Beats. I got them into my project. It looked like it saved it all, but when I put the SD card back into my BB, the new stuff wasn’t there! Plus, I noticed while in the Manager, it seemed like all the songs were set to use the standard drum set - even the beatbox stuff. Oh, and with my new beats, it shows “world percussion” as the default set but there is a dot before it. The beats play with the standard set still. Any ideas? I’d at least like to be able to synchronize my computer with the card because it looks like I’ll have to go in and assign drum sets to everything on my own. I’m not sure if I goofed something or what. I have not done enough to make that big of a mistake I believe.

Much thanks in advance from a total newbie!

Upon more inspection, it seems that the SD card has the correct info - minus the new beats (which I think may require a drum set that the BB does not have included with it when purchased new.

I put the SD card back into the BB and everything is there working like before EXCEPT the World Percussion Fusion Beats. They are right there in the project manager, though. I cannot get the synchronize button to light up, though. I think if I knew what would make that happen, the card would then contain the same data as the manager program.

A bit of a mess, but education isn’t always easy, right? Thanks again to anyone who can help me.

In the BBM, File > Export > Project To SD Card and accept prompts to synchronize.

Oh thank God for your reply! I had this worry that by doing so, I’d overwrite everything in the card and somehow end up bricking my BB. You guys are going to get a hell of a lot of good press from me in the St Louis area! Persist, I owe you a drink. Been dealing with MIDI, computers and this stuff since the early 90’s and feel like a fool when something gets the better of me. Thanks for being there!