How to tell if you have a Corrupted SD Project

I recently had this happen to me. I had a weird sound happening when I would do transitions to different parts of the song. It sounded like you could hear the electronics changing parts (almost like a power supply grounding issue). So I thought I would write this post to share the knowledge in case anyone has this issue.
Watch this video and you will hear the noise I am referring to:

Then download the latest card backup SD Card Backup.
Do the following process.
[]Download the SD Card Backup
]Delete all files on your SD Card.
[]Extract the Zip SD Card Backup and copy those files (4 folders and 1 file) to the SD Card.
]Open a new project in BeatBuddy Manager and you should be restored back to a default card.

thanks for sharing the fix

Good to know if I ever hear that sound!

Don’t forget to upload the firmware files as well. :cool: