How to trigger parts to play using external midi switch

I’d like to use 3 external midi switches as follows:

Switch 1 press:
Part 1 of current song play

Switch 2 press:
Part 2 play (on loop end of current part that’s playing)

Switch 3 press
Part 3 play (on loop end of current part that’s playing)

I’m hitting issues from the start, when I try to setup switch 1.

I thought I could do this with cc113 by sending 1 or 101 for switch 1 (and then 2 or 102 for switch 2 and 3 or 103 for switch 3) but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

With the aeros stopped (ie: not playing any parts), when I send cc:113 w/ 1 or 101, it starts playing the current selected part on the current song (not part 1).

The above is while routed through my beatbuddy.

When I bypass the bb and go from midi controller to aeros, the same commands cause switch 1 to change to part 1 (and not play), switch 2 to change to part 2 (and not play) and switch 3 to change to part 3 (and not play).

I’d like to use the 3 foot switches, as outlined above, whether connected directly or through the bb.

I’m sure this is user error or my lack of understanding of the midi doc, so thanks for letting me know what I’m doing wrong

Channel =yours
Cc 113
VALUE 101 for part 1
Value 102 For part 2
Value 103 for part 3
It’s normal when you press a switch with looper stopped that he start the song

Do you mean that you want to switch the parts on the looper or the Beatbuddy or both ,

I’d like to switch parts on the Aeros ( or when connected through the bb, it’d be nice to start/switch parts on the beatbuddy at the same time too)

So, if the looper is on part 2 of a song and stopped.

If I send cc:113 with value 1, would you expect it to start playing part 1 of the song?

I guess it’s not possible at this moment , maybe “soon”
but you can use (with 2 switches)
One switch to select the part CC13 Value 0 ( this one scroll between the parts)
Another switch to select the start CC 113 Value127
The Beatbuddy gonna start the intro when you press the select parts switch
The BB change the parts too

Thanks very much.

I have a programmable midi controller, so can program multiple commands on one switch.

Are you saying your understanding is there currently isn’t a way to send these discrete commands to the Aeros via midi?

  1. Switch to part x (I cannot seem to get it to do this, so any advice welcome)
  2. Play current part (which would be part x)


What your firmware version on Aeros?
The commands are the same as the Aeros switches, I mean the one to change the parts and the one to play the parts
The one to change the parts, is the one that you need to switch/press multiple time, like you want to jump from Part 1 to Part 4 you need to press it 3 times and when you are on the part 4, you need the other want to play the part

I have no time today, but I will make a video tomorrow to explain what I mean !

Thanks very much. Latest stable firmware.

A video may help, thanks!

Also, assuming you use an external foot switch, the key thing is to understand the specific midi cmds/values that trigger the actions in your video.

Thanks very much, enjoy your weekend!

How I just saw that I make a video with this commands
Sry for the bad english
You can start with this way too
take a look on 7.00 minute
All the new features-Les nouvelles commandes AEROS (FR/ENG) - YouTube

Thanks very much. Really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my query and to have made this video.

As you said originally, just seems like what I want is not available now, in that you cannot use an external midi control switch to select a specific part x.


Not to start immediately with one press when Aeros is stopped
but maybe another user have the trick.

@dbmdbm @NYHC I’ve found on pre-recorded songs, with my midi controller, even though I have dedicated switches programmed to start either track 1, 2, 3 or 4, whichever I press (from a dead stop) will only start the track which the cursor is highlighted on the Aeros screen. To overcome this, before starting your song, on the Aeros using the bottom left switch, scroll to the track you wish to begin with and either press play on the Aeros or your midi switch. While Aeros is playing I can select whichever track I want using the midi controller (I have selected in master settings to switch at the end of the loop.) I would think that having programmed the correct CC# would start the appropriate track but it doesn’t.

Yes, thanks very much for your response. This is my experience too.

And given this requirement to use the Aeros foot switches to set the Aeros to the track you want to start with before you start using the external controller greatly minimizes the value of using the external midi controller at all.

Anyway, thanks for confirming that you are experiencing things the same way!

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Hack alert!

For anyone interested in being able to
a) select part 1 of a specific song with a single external midi controller button press
b) use individual external midi controller switches to then 1) play part 1 2) play part 2 3) play part 3 of the selected song

Here’s a hack I implemented using a programmable midi controller (mc6).

First, create a dummy/empty song and in its song edit screen, set midi song select ‘on’ and set msb and pc (I am using a zero value for each of these in my dummy/empty song)

Now, in the song edit screen for the song you want to select part 1, set its midi song select ‘on’ and set msb and pc (Let’s assume a value of 1 for each of these in this example)

In order to do (a), above, program a midi controller switch to send:
CC:0 with value 0, immed followed by Program Change (PC) with value 0 (this selects the dummy/empty song)
Then add a small delay (I use 500 milliseconds), immed followed by
CC:0 with value 1, immed followed by Program Change (PC) with value 1 (this selects the desired song, with part 1 selected)

With any song selected, hit the above switch and the Aeros will switch to your dummy/empty song, then immed to your desired song, with part 1 selected.

If you then have another midi controller switch that sends cc:113 w/ value 101 followed by cc:113 w/ value 0, you can select that switch and play part 1 of your desired song (which satisfies part (b), described above).

This is the hack I’ve come up with to be able to play part 1 of a selected song via external midi controller switch.

Anyone know a better way?
Anyone see any issues in terms of impact or problems doing it this way?


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I can see why you think that it minimizes the need for an external switch but I find once I’m into the song (pre-recorded or freshly created) it eliminates so much stress going to specific song parts. With one press I’m where I want to be verses scrolling through using the Aeros bottom left switch.

@dbmdbm I’m gonna have to “chew” on this a while but thanks.