How to trigger Quantiloop Song Parts

trying to figure out how to get song parts a,b,c,d under edit in quantiloop triggered by beat buddy parts 1,2,?. my result is once enabled the last letter enabled plays and does not switch. i would like Quantiloop track one and two to play for Quantiloop Song part A to play for part 1/2 on beat buddy and Quantiloop track 3 and 4 to play for Quantiloop Song part B for beatbuddy part 2/2

@rotylee There are probably a few ways to solve this but here is what I would suggest looking into. You will need another piece of software which acts as a MIDI translator. I am using BOME Midi translator on a macbook. This software doesn’t run on iOS so you can either run it on a ‘Bome box’ [additional hardware] or find another midi translator for iOS which should be available.

In any case here is how this would work.

  • The MIDI is routed from the Beatbuddy into the MIDI translator and then from the MIDI translator to Quantiloop.
  • By default, set it up to pass all MIDI through.
  • Then you setup your translator to look for the MIDI transitions from the Beatbuddy.
  • These transitions will be sent from the Beatbuddy as (CC-102) with value of {1,2,etc} where value is which part the Beatbuddy is transitioning to. Note that most of the shipping songs have 2 parts, but you could make this more using the Beatbuddy Manager to make custom songs.
  • When your MIDI translator sees a CC-102 coming form the Beatbuddy, it does NOT pass this to Quantiloop. Instead, you have the midi translator pass the command, or sequence of commands, that will make Quantiloop behave how you would like it.

thank you for your reply.

i had gotten as far as seeing that there was a parts section in beatbuddies settings. quantiloop seems to be where the documentation is lacking their features completely.

Heres what i would do, i dont have the bb on me so im not sure what the CC is but i would enable the next song part CC, then tell quantiloop to start track 1 when u get that CC with value 1 then when that cc sends value 2 start track 2 etc. i dont see why that wouldnt work