How to uninstall drum set in BB

Hello, I cannot remove drumsets with BB. the function in the menu in BB remains grayed out and not accessible. Thanks for your help.

If I’m correct, you can uncheck the boxes, of the drumsets you don’t want, in de beatbuddy manager. then synchronize the beatbuddy and the unwanted drumsets will be gone from the beatbuddy.

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In addition to what user renevmind suggests, if the checkbox is no longer visible and the kit name appears in italics, you can try one of the following two steps: (this works for me and there may be other better ways to delete a drum set when the menu entry is grayed out).

  1. click on the Drum Sets tab, click on the drum set you want to delete and from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Drumsets/Delete Drumset

if that doesn’t work,

  1. still within the Drum Sets tab, double-click on the drum set to be deleted and the prompt Project drum sets must be copied to workspace before editing is allowed. Continue? press Yes and from the BBM Drumsets/Delete Drumset try again. If the menu entry for deletion is still grayed out, close the drum set single-click another drum set and then select the one you want to delete. If this works, I usually Save Project and quit the BBM and then re-launch.

Thanks renevmind and persist for your answers. The latest persist solution works.