How to Unzip Folders

Here is a concise tutorial on how to unzip a compressed file in a Windows environment.

Step 1: Find out if your operating system is 32 or 64 bit

This is important, because the programs we recommend you to download usually have two different versions of the same program - 32 bit as well as a 64 bit version. Here is how you find out what your operating system (OS) is:

First, you right click on the icon called ‘Computer’ (or sometimes called ‘My Computer’), then choose ‘Properties’ -

The following window will show up, and you need to look in the ‘System Type’ field, as indicated below -

In this example, the OS is a 64-bit. So we will proceed to download the 64-bit version of the unzipping software.

Step 2: Proceed to download a file unzipping utility (i.e. the program)

We recommend downloading 7-ZIP ( as the unzipping utility. It is free, and easy to use.
When you get to the 7-ZIP website, you should see the following screen -

Choose one of the two top options, whichever is the correct number of bits for your system. In our example, it is 64 bit, so I will proceed to download the 64 bit version -

The installation file will download, click on it (if you are using a different web browser than the one in the example and/or can’t seem to find the downloaded file, press ‘CTRL + J’, and you will be directed to your list of downloads) -

Proceed with the installation -

That should install it without issues on your computer. By default, all compressed files should easily get opened by 7-ZIP now. Sometimes though, you may run into the following issue -

Uh oh! Windows does not know how to open up a zipped folder! Even after you just installed the program we suggested! No fear! Here’s the solution:

Step 1 - Choose ‘Browse’

Step 2 - Choose 7-ZIP from your list of programs (it will usually be at the top)

Step 3 - Choose the 7-ZIP File Manager (usually shortened to ‘7zFM’)

And that’s it! We covered how to unzip folders and what to do if you cannot open the zipped file with 7-ZIP program by default.

Doesn’t work!
Only downloads the drop box, and no bb manager.

the pbf file still does not come up : ( what am I doing wrong

evrything is there but the pbf file sheeesh lol

I got it!! yay Thanks

I don’t or cant find the .pbf file either on my mac.
FYI, I have only downloaded the SD content as I am still waiting on my Beat Buddy to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

mine i was able to import as a backup file… it was one of the three files that came up when i unzipped and it worked is all I know

Hey everyone, I have a Mac, and am having trouble unzipping. I watched the support video, have downloaded 1.4.1 ok, however when I get to having two windows open on the desktop (one being the SD card) the other being the downloaded files that appear in the downloads folder, i move across the the SD card window and am not prompted to copy and replace the existing on the SD card. HELP…im a computer gumby…I suspect it is something real simple.

OMG I am SO SO Happy with the quality of sounds from Beatbuddy!!! Amazing, I just want to be able to update the firmware.


Dave did you find it??? I can’t see it on my download, and Im using Mac.

Have a look at the official video on the subject…a link is in my sig.

I just right click over the “zipped” or “unzipped” folder and either compress or extract as needed. program is built in with windows 7 that i use.

On certain files I’ve downloaded into the pedal from the resources page and songs page they work in manager but not the pedal. Why is this?

It would help to know which songs, which version of Beat Buddy Manager you are using, and which version of the BB firmware. And… This might have been a good question for a new topic rather than How to Unzip