How to update BB Mini firmware to stop intros?

How do i update the BB Mini firmware so i can turn off intros? :slight_smile:

Are you looking to stop the intros all together or on occasion?
If the latter there is a simpler alternative.
In the BB manager software you can edit the song files. In drag and drop fashion you can put intros chorus, fills etc. Which means you should be able to create a song without a intro. If it does not let you do that then you can probably copy the main beat to the intro so it becomes transparent to you.

@echoraven - OP is requesting assistance on a BB MINI. Also, FYI, in the Beat Buddy pedal settings, there is an INTRO setting that lets you disable the intro.

@Ged Pheonix - as far as I know, the mini does not have a firmware update process. When support get back on-line, you should probably ask them if there’s anything you can do.

The later model Mini’s have an updated set of firmware that lets you turn off the Intros. The instructions are in the manual. As far as I know you can’t update the Mini firmware, since there is no USB port. Interestly, I have owned both versions of the Mini. The first did not have the ability to turn off the Intros, and they were irritating enough to make me sell it. I bought the second version after I found out on this forum that it could give me a simple count in Intro. I liked it enough that I sold it and bought the full blown BB. Kudos to the company for adding that feature to the later version.

Thank you. I should have noticed that little detail.

Not sure if you can turn off the intros permanently but by holding down the control knob you can turn the intros on and off in each song. I do this as a part of the set up as I change songs during my sets when the intro isn’t required.

This only applies on later model Minis -
it does nothing on earlier versions.

Only recently got mine so I guess I am fortunate. I do find the intros a bit of a pain sometimes. What would be useful is a metronome count in so you know the tempo before the drums start.