How to update firmware version of MIDI Maestro?

Hey there?

How it’s possible to update the firmware version of the MIDI Maestro?

Can’t find any app. I’m still here and lost with version 1.0.6.

My iPhone doesn’t find any MIDI Maestro bluetooth thing to connect.

Hey there, the iOS app is currently in closed alpha, we could add you to it so you can download the version of the app and update your MM. If you’d like to be added to the alpha version, we will need your apple ID email

Nice, Brennan!

I sent you a private message.

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Hey Brennan, can I have it too?

Hi Brennan
Could I get access to this also please

Please send your requests to be an alpha iOS MM app tester via PM (personal message) to @iajrz

I would like to be a tester as well but unable to pm @iazr.

Sorry, fat-fingered his tag too quickly. It should have been @iajrz.

He will see these posts and will probably also ask you to provide your Apple ID (Apple e-mail addresses) via PM but in case he doesn’t, please contact him via PM.

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Lol! Thank you.