How to upload or save a custom BeatBuddy set for the MM

I’d like to transfer a custom set up for the BB that I now use from an old Android phone for uploading to the MidiMaestro and save it somewhere to open it or install it on my iPhone 13. I can scroll other users custom modes but it doesn’t appear mine go anywhere when I try. No Airdrop function, email function, text option etc. so how can I transfer it to the iPhone?
Does anyone even know if the iPhone Singular app has been updated ever to actually work? The Android phone I had to buy JUST TO LOAD commands to the MM is getting so the battery won’t last long enough to stay on long enough and I’d like to not have to spend more money for a device I only use for the MM commands since originally the iPhone version didn’t work.

Works ok on my iPad

Hey there,

iPhone app works now, yes, sorry for any inconvenience

We are also working on some small stability fixes that will be available to update on the app store relatively soon

We are, unfortunately, getting rid of the upload download feature because it is broken and not worth the time fixing at this moment.

More news soon on this but you should be good to go on iPhone already!

The current versions allow you to upload your commands and modes up to the cloud, do this from within the My Commands page, press the upward arrow icon next to your desired commands, I suggest clear naming to find them. On iPhone, you can look for them and download the custom modes from the online libraries. The problem is they may be corrupted, you may be better off with a clean slate.

Thanks for your question