How to use Outros?

Most of the Outros are bizarre! It’s odd that one would have to press the pedal twice in order to initiated an outro much less when would you do that? Obviously it would have to be before the song ended. But I’ve tried numerous times to time it hopefully a measure prior to the ending and that doesn’t work well.

What’s the thought in using outros?

I always try to program my outros to be more than one measure. That way I can trigger it part way through a measure and know that it will have a full measure left (after it finishes the current one). In a lot of songs, I actually trigger my outro (and program it) with a bunch of measures left (or program it from the last fill)… then I can just focus on playing the song properly until the end and the beat will end when it’s supposed to.

I’m not following. Could you kindly break that down a bit more?


Making the drums stop on time is what led me to the BB. I am not concerned about grandiose drum outros like we get with the double-tap. And, as you mentioned, it can be a tough task. So I use the accessory pedal with one switch dedicated to a “pause” that I use to end a song when I hit that last note on the guitar. I do have to switch to another song so it does not “unpause” and start up again.

But how do you switch to another song? If you hit the accessory pedal to pause the song, if you hit that pedal again, either left or the right switch, the same song starts back up again. I assume you must be reaching down to the pedal to switch to another song after pausing it?

You are correct, timmyd. A good/well-timed ending is a higher priority for us. The lightheadedness from bending over goes away by the time we start the next song! Of course I do not gig out anymore, so no crowd to please.

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This setting (except taken from the manual) might help with this too

• Outro (Double Tap) - To enable or disable
the BB’s default double tap to play the outro.
Some users accidentally hit the double tap,
so would prefer to disable this. You can
always stop the song with a pause (footswitch),
then while paused hold the main pedal down
to stop the song.
• Enable/Disable

I don’t bother bending down anymore. I’ve done two things to avoid that. I now have Onsong switch songs for me for beats that I’ve created for them. However, if I’m just using a standard beat for a song that I haven’t programmed yet, I’ve used the “Norbert Hack” to add another accessory pedal which takes the place of the main pedal on the BeatBuddy. This lets me mount the BB up on my mic stand so I can control it from there if needed. Then I use a Boss FS-1 to control the BB (in place of the main pedal) and the 2 switch accessory pedal.
Here’s the link to the Norbert hack: Norbert's BeatBuddy Hardware Hack

I will try that again. However, the previous times I tried that the minute I touch the main pedal the song starts up again. I will let you know how it works after trying agian.

Well…spank my ass and call me Charlie…that worked! Thanks!

I hit the pause button as well but I added a volume control pedal on the BB output. It takes some rehearsing to get into the routine but I hit the pause button to end the song then the volume pedal to max down. Double tap the BB to full stop the song then aux pedal to advance to the next song. Bring up the volume pedal and you’re ready to start the next song.

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I have the two button FS set to Cymbal crash and pause. I sometimes do a final fill and then get a cymbal crash as I hit the pause button too. Of course I then have to restart the BB and then double tap. I reach over and mute the mixer channel when I do that.
I practice with a certain drum track on the BB and double tap and play out to the outro.