How to view items in the “Old” forum?


I’m hoping a mod might be able to help me. I can’t seem to view some screenshots that have been posted in the old forum. My username and password won’t get me access and when I try to register it won’t let me. Facebook and Twitter registrations don’t work either. I’m sure it’s because you are trying to get everything moved over but there is still a lot over on the other board it would be nice to have access to.

Is there any way to get a username and password to that board? Or maybe just allow the screenshots to be seen.

Thank you!


Regrettably, Singular Sound (SS) states they no longer have the ability to support account creation on the old forum. This is in part because they chose not to update that forum’s software (Xenforo) and instead converted all but the Resources section to Discourse. Users have been promised by SS that they will complete the conversion of Resources but it’s now been 3 months (SS has also been promising—and not delivering—software updates for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) for several years now too) :hot_face:.

You can’t see screen shots because they were posted in messages created before November 2017. The embedded screen shots and attachments were lost when Singular Sound attempted a server migration and it failed. Since they did not maintain a backup of the old server data, they could not restore it. This applied particularly to the embedded screen shots and all attachments and Resources that were hosted on the old server. Users have been hosting their drum sets in cloud services and at least 2 users (Guitar Stu and GarryA) have hosted their songs and kits in the cloud.

I think you can still search, read and access content on the old forum but like the rest of us that still might have access to the old forum, you just won’t be able to see embedded files, screen shots and attached content that was lost and never restored.


Thank you so much for that very informative explanation. That pretty much says it all… I haven’t had too many issues except the screen shots.