How to work with a bought midi file?


please please please help me.

I bought a complex (strawberry swing. Coldplay) midi file. I can open it with my Magix Music maker or with reaper. So far.

I can copy/paste the loops I need and open them in a new file. The Problem is, how can I ever manage the midipoints to play the sound they should in the beatbuddy, if I don t hear the sound of the beatbuddys drum kits. It would take me forever to figure out what is what…

So the question is: How can I manage to create a good sounding loop out of a whole midi song without a Dr. Titel or a timemachine?

Thank u very much.

Please read this link - it has all the info that you need.

It also contains links to other forum topics that will hopefully have you covered.

I have done this but it was only a relatively simple drum beat. If you follow the post above it will tell you most of what you need to know. If it is a full song you will need to extract channel 10 so only the drums remain. Then you will want to change any midi notes that the BB can’t play. Once that is done, chop it up into various loops. Save each as a separate midi file and add it to a new song in the BB.

This link is broken?

The links got hacked after forum migration.
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I have tried to open this link along with many others in the forum as a new BB owner but my browser says “sorry this is not the page you’re looking for?” What does that mean? Is the link no longer active?

Well, the forum migrated, and the links to the old topics no longer works :frowning:
I know the cheat hack way how to access the old forum (mostly to use the old background image for making screenshots) - you will need to manually replace “/forum/” to “/forum_2/” in the link.

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