How well does Beat Buddy work with blues and blues rock?

I’m in a band that plays a lot of blues, including Albert King, BB King, and Muddy Waters. We also play Cream, ZZ Top, and the Rolling Stones, among other bluesier rock.

Our drummer can’t commit a lot of time to practicing, so how easy is this to use to program for this type music? Does it work well in a live setting?

It works surprisingly well. You can check user videos on the forum!

Have a look at this demostration of the “Blues” songs.

and here is the “Rock” songs.

You could also follow the following suggestion from Guitar Stu…

I also wondered how all the different styles and grooves sounded and how BB worked in general so I checked out all the Youtube clips I could find.

Then I found out that you could actually download the BB Manager and all the factory content which is like having a virtual BB.

That convinced me and I just had to get one !

It’s basically like having your own BB although in a software version.

You can have a listen to all the content with your own amps and speakers.

You can even try out 3rd part MIDI files and samples like I have done for the past week.

And I haven’t even got my BB yet ! -How cool is that :smiley: !

Just go here:

And here is how to use it (NOTE ! -This is an older version of the BB Manager):

Here is a really cool “Stop” feature by the BB: