How will midi sync work when AEROs finished

An essential feature for me is to be able to midi sync to other devices. All I need is for it to latch on to the BPM of the other device and stay in sync with it (like the Ditto X4).

The current system starts recording when the other device begins, which is just not useable for my purposes. I don’t know if that works well for beat buddy integration but the marketing material says it can sync to other devices.

does anyone know whether this will be changed in the long run. it is the biggest deal breaker for me

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Same kind of request here

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I may be wrong here, but I believe if you set the Aeros to only Playback mode, once it receives the MIDI Start command the Aeros will start “playback” but won’t start recording until you give it a record command. In essence, it it primed for recording on the very next measure.

Not sure how well that works with the Ditto, for it does not resync at each measure like BB does I believe.

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I can’t remember now, I think when I first got it it started recording when I hit play on the DAW, think it changed with an early update. I could be completely wrong though