During chemotherapy treatment, blood count for platelets and/or white blood cells may drop below normal levels. Also, during radiation treatment, the skin develops minor burns. A qualified massage therapist must be familiar with these treatment side effects before proceeding with massage. We injected 2 ml of 2.5 percent patents undiluted blue dye in the fifth sodium retroareolar subdermally in the area in the upper outer quarter of the breast. Lymphatic massage was Miracle Bust conducted in three phases. In the first phase was to unload massage armpit maxillary lymph nodes. Was performed massage lymph node with the tips of two or three fingers? This has been developed over the decade, and the application of pressure, such as “scoop” nice in the direction of the flow of more of them. Fingers did not move over the skin. Instead, they apply pressure through the “scoop” was released. [8] In the second phase was conducted back massage from the armpit to the injection site.