"hum/buzz" in amp when using MIDI Input


I just picked up an Aeros and have been loving it but last night I connected the pedal I use as my master MIDI clock ( Disaster Area DPC-5 Gen3) to the MIDI input of the Aeros and when I do so there is a very loud, high pitched “hum/buzz” that comes out of my amplifier.

Routing MIDI to any of my other pedals from the DPC-5 Gen3 does not result in this, only connecting it to the Aeros MIDI input.

All my pedals, including Aeros are powered by the same Strymon Zuma power supply, which outputs 9V 500mA. If I replace the Aeros in my setup with my Strymon Volante in the same place with the same connections (audio in, audio out and MIDI in from the DPC-5 Gen3) I do not experience this issue.

Has anyone had any issues with noise when connecting to the MIDI input of the Aeros?

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? The pedal is unfortunately unusable for me with MIDI, which is quite important to my setup.


Don’t know if this link will get you In the ballpark for sorting out your noise issue: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/major-sound-issues-with-disaster-area-dpc5-gen3.1861645/

If it doesn’t help, you might contact Disaster by e-mail. Please keep the forum updated on your progress.

Thank you. I watched the video and read the thread.

It is a similar sound that I am hearing when I connect the MIDI out from the DPC-5 to the Aeros, however if I replace the Aeros with a Strymon Volante this noise does not appear.

Seems like one possibility is that the DPC-5 is the source of the noise and that the optical coupling on the Volante protects against the digital noise bleeding onto the signal. If that is the case, it seems like a nice upgrade for an Aeros v2 would be to have similar optical coupling as that seems like a smart defensive move against any chance of digital signals making it onto the audio path.

Regardless, I’ve found two solutions that accommodate for the noise issue:

  1. Put the Volante or any other MIDI IN/Out device with optical coupling between the DPC-5 and the Aeros MIDI.
  2. Send my clock to the Aeros from a source that has no audio running through my pedal board (in my case from an Elektron Digitakt which is following the clock from the DPC-5.

Both solve my issue and I now love my Strymon pedals even more. :wink:


You can most likely find a ground hum eliminator on Amazon or the like to fix this issue! They are not too expensive