Hum without end

I have massive hum when I hook the audio out of Aeros to the -in- of Beatbuddy. All of my power supplies are 500ma per output with only 1 pedal per isolated output. (Voodoo Lab) I have ground loop eliminators on every audio out.

Hooking the Aeros audio cable starts the noise. Only unhooking stops the hum. An individual 60 cycle hum eliminator on the Aeros and on the BeatBuddy don’t help.

My entire system has no hum anywhere except when the Aeros audio is hooked up.
Is there anyone who has conquered this problem. Or does anyone have insight into this problem.

Please help before I take a baseball bat to this thing.

Some simple trouble-shooting steps to try:

  1. Use a different patch cable to connect Aeros to BB; out of curiosity, why are you running the Aeros out to the BeatBuddy (BB) in?
  2. Try the power adapters that came with the Aeros and the BB and see if that helps.

If these steps don’t help, and if you haven’t done so already, try searching the forum as there are lots of comments about noise and how to eliminate or reduce the noise. Here’s a link to get you started: Aeros loop studio: background noise

Hooking audio up that way because it is suggested in SS videos. How would you do it so drums are not recorded in the loop? I’m open to anything.

Have tried several cables. All test perfect on continuity cable test and resistance test.

It makes no difference how I power the pedals. I still get the same results.

I’m new to Singular Sound products and I have no idea what to do now. Thank you for trying to help. I appreciate it.

FWIW, that’s how I do it…Aeros (L+R) out into BB in (L+R), and then BB out (L+R) into my audio interface. The BB acts like a throughput to get the sound to my AI. No hum for me, but that audio routing should work. BTW, I run all my pedals (including BB, Aeros, and MM) through a Cioks DC7 power supply. :man_shrugging:

BF, Thank you for that. I’m glad to hear that it works for you. I guess I just have to keep messing with mine to find the gremlin. I’ve rigged so many pedal boards but this one is turning out to be the toughest. You’ve encouraged me, Thanks.

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I had the same problem. There was quite the hum in my Aeros. As a previous poster suggested, try the supplied power supply. In my case the answer was to change from a 300ma port to a 1000ma one on my board power supply. Problem gone.

Hello BigPoppaRobb, Thanks for responding.

I’ve tried the power supply that came with the Aeros and still had the hum. My board power supply has 11x500ma outs and one 200ma (Voodoo Lab). It hums. I will go and try to find a line lump higher powered one. I have a huge tote with way over 150 wall wort type power supplies. They just keep piling up because I never use them. Do you think a Roland PSB-120 9v 2000mA Power Supply would be ok to try?

I have a Voodoo Lab as well. I swapped it out because of isolation problems. YMMV. 2000ma is way in excess of what you need. .

The new Voodoo Lab “Pedal Power 3 plus” makes the claim that it is the quietest power supply you can buy. Still I’m having noise problems so who knows. I tried about 6 different power supplies on the Aeros without luck. I’m thankful for your help. If you have any other ideas please let me know. I’ll try anything.

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There’s a comment in this thread about the Strymon Ojai PSU that you may or not have read already: PSU issues with Aeros and Ojai

you can use this with a power bank. that works for me.

The problem is mainly BeatBuddy. It injects a lot of noise upstream through both audio and power connections. Aeros is a bit better in that regard, but it’s still much noisier than I’d like.

In order to fix these issues, I ended up putting Joyo JP-06 ZGP Power Noise Blockers on both the BeatBuddy and Aeros power inputs. Works well, but if the SingularSound gear was designed with proper isolated DC-DC power conversion these would not be needed. Some manufacturers have different tricks up their sleeve, like only having one low impedance path to ground, but the problem with doing that is that all your gear has to implement the same conventions. If some parts in your chain use a different convention, it’ll make the problems worse.