Humanization of drum beat (not sobriety mode)

Love my BB. I would love it even more if beats could be humanized (slight random variations in timing) to get rid of the robotic feel of beats/fills that have been programmed versus those recorded live.

I have tried the “slightly tipsy” setting but this actually varies tempo up and down which causes the BB to drift out of time with click-track / backing etc. Would be great if tempo could be maintained, and just the timing of drum hits varied slightly - that’s how e.g. Superior Drummer etc. work as far as I understand. Grateful for your consideration Singular Sound!

Te beats that came with the unit are played in by a real drummer, so they already do sound a bit human. I don’t know about the aftermarket (including Singular) beats, but the beats that came with my BB are not locked in to the time signature when you look at them in a MIDI editor.

But for locked-in aftermarket beats, I like your suggestion. A lot.