Humanize (tempo and/or velocity)

Without modify original midi file,
can be possible to “humanize” tempo and/or velocity with a light random generator ?

And or a “swing” parameter…

(And thanks google translator :slight_smile: )

I thi

I think the pedal tempo is already humanized. Several users prefer that the tempos be quantized.

Once the beta version of the BB Manager goes final, users will be able to edit the velocities as well as to quantize. I don’t know that a swing parameter will be available although many DAWs offer that ability.

Here’s a link to other discussions about velocity “sweet spots.”

Yes, samples are excellents, and quantized too. Great precision.

The loops (beats) is humanized by writing or recording.
Congratulations to Goran : excellent musician

Mainly useful for external files or hand-written with a midi editor, I simply suggest an “humanize” like many rhythm-boxes or daw, during playing (with preset effect intensity adjust), a “playing function” : very little random positions and velocities variations.