HX Stomp

How about a maestro template for some of the major functions of the HX stomp. Would be a great combo

Hey there, the MIDI Maestro App, which is already out for use with Android and will be out on iOS shortly, allows you to create a custom mode with any commands your heart can dream of (within MIDI command nomenclature of course).

This includes you HX stomp. Soon, we will refine the process for both uploading and downloading custom modes made users for worldwide sharing of modes!

But thank you for the request.

Hey Brennan

The Maestro and Aeros are brilliant. I know you guys have been copping some heat for unfinished operating systems but when they are done the combo is going to be so powerful.

I love it cause at my age (49) it’s harder to get amateur musicians with the time to jam regularly.

The singular sound trio fixes that problem😂

Two commentS - the omission of a beat buddy drum fill option from the Maestro is curious. I would have thought you’d want a fill option front and centre.

Also, the mode button at the back of the maestro to swap b/w BB and Aeros. I wonder if In future you shouldn’t bring that functionality to a foot switch so it can be done on the fly?

That said, really enjoying using all 3 for song sketching and jammin

Off to spend a few hours diving deeper into the Aeros functionality!!



Thank you for that feedback, I will pass this along, maybe we can get to that, if you’d like you can open new topics, one for each request, that will make it more likely we can keep track of the request as time goes on. Thanks!

I’m interested too. I got the Midi Maestro because the scribble strips were superior to the MorningStars single screen and the increased real estate would make hitting the foot switches with my fat feet easier :).