Hybrid Std w/bass (JV_PF) MPB kit

Apologies the title doesn’t tell you much. In hind sight I should have dropped ‘Std’ from the name. To my ears "Rock-based” MPB kit sounds more distant/more reverb than Std (1.1) and Std Pro is softer. I use all three. After quite a bit of discussion with Joe in Ottawa and trials of my own I crafted this hybrid using his re-tuned toms and kick (JV_1.0) inserted in the Rock kit and wav files lifted from Phil Flood’s bass work.

Bass range is limited sitting between 64-88 (E1-E3) leaving lots of open space however the file is about 98% so you would need to drop some out first. I use quite a few of Dr. Flood’s kits where the bass is typically 0-33 but this has come in handy.

I use this kit on All Along the Watchtower and Victim of Love. The earlier will clearly work but these lower drums are less boomy.

Includes a GM .txt file (I use for REAPER) listing the kit contents.