Hybridized live/studio - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

For a few years we’ve regularly played While My Guitar Gently Weeps using the Std Pro kit with stock Country beat 11 straight eighths at 120 bpm. Electric lead with 2 acoustics and 2 vocals and of course BB into the mixer, out in stereo – ‘pre-balanced’ no adjustments during play. I retrieved a recording from Feb 2019 I recalled fondly (great energy thanks to our lead player) when I saw Persist’s recent post with keys.

He used SAX Steinway & Organ and as usual thoughtfully included the MIDI files. I recorded the BB output (tempo adjusted) as a WAV file and aligned things in REAPER cutting and pasting as needed. Additional MIDI tracks in the mix: Bass (Ample Sound P Bass lite), EZKeys Upright and CollaB3 organ.

Lots of home studio time these days promotes such things…


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